“A Festive French Weekend at PMQ”


For the second time Le French May launches the Festival at the PMQ Courtyard
April 30th, May 1st & 2nd, 2016


Enjoy French lifestyle in a typical French-styled village

Discover French culture with food, drinks, music, visual arts, and more for 3 days in a row!


To launch its 24th edition under the theme “Dreams & Wonders” Le French May Arts Festival brings together a variety of performances, gastronomy, and music from France for a  3-day celebration held in the Courtyard at PMQ.

Based on the traditional aesthetic of Alsace typical architecture, Le French May is recreating a village from this cultural and historical region in eastern France, and thousands of people are invited to come and enjoy the celebrations and experience festivities.

Come and enjoy life like the French do!

Musical and urban art entertainment: walking brass bands, joyous creativity of acrobatics, and open-air street graffiti party!

The 9 musicians and acrobats comprising the French Fun Brass and Dancers issued from the Cirque Eloize will entertains guests all day long for the 3 days with 4 different acts full of creativeness. The Brass band & percussion will interpret masterpieces of classics French movies’ soundtrack like “Les Demoiselles de Rochefort » « Les Parapluies de Cherbourg » by Jacques Demy, « Borsalino » de Jacques Deray… They might also prepare a special concert especially shaped for you!

To illustrate Le French May theme in an urban style, Bao and Miguel, talented graffiti artists, will perform a live show for the 3 days.

Bao is a Hong Kong based artist who mainly work with mural art and illustration. Miguel is originally from the south of France and has been living in Hong Kong for a few years now. Graffiti has been a way of life since he started painting in the early nineties. They will combine their style and express all their creativity in depicting a world of Dreams and Wonders on a large wall and give to the audience an unique performance. The artists will share their technics and savoir-faire and the public is free to interact with them.

The Food and Beverage Experience

As a tradition, food and drinks are a major part of street and outdoor celebrations in France. At this 3-day launch party you will able to sample authentic flavours from French cheeses, specialties from the delicatessen, croissants and crepes to sumptuous wines and thirst-quenching beers. Several booths will showcase the best of live-cooked French gastronomy from Alsace, the Festival’s partner region for Le French GourMay2016 !